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5 Greatest Hacks for Calming Kids Claimed

Kindle E-Book - Things Teachers Never Told Us : 5 Greatest Hacks for Calming Kids

Is your child struggling to learn in a virtual classroom or constantly changing school environment? Do you need help making sure your student isn’t falling behind? We all know that education is the most important factor in securing your child’s future – but sometimes concentration is the hardest part. This has been an unprecedented time and many students are struggling to keep up. Many parents are struggling to balance all the new challenges. Designed by classroom teachers and yoga specialists,
“Things Teachers Never Told Us : 5 Greatest Hacks for Calming Kids” covers calming practices, deep breathing, games and visualization exercises. The help you need is now available at your fingertips. Great for hybrid classrooms and homeschool programs too. Downloadable book comes with links to audio guided meditations for Calming Anger in Children and Calming Test Anxiety in Children. Also includes a Sample Video to show deep breathing practice described in book.