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Nicole T Harmon Claimed

English, Reading, Writing and History for peek thru 3rd grade and college level, Tutor,

Hi. I am Nicole Harmon but you can call me Ms. Nicole. I have substitute teaching off and on for several years. I have taught every subject from prek thru highschool. I decided to stick with prek thru 3rd grade. Wy? I like working with the kids. They appreciate little things and I get to see them grow. My best subject was probably writing. Great imagination. After that I would say English and History are my next best. I studied history in college and believe even the subject that bores you to tears and frustrates you, can be passed with a B or higher. I will give you and your parents the assurance this will help bring your child closer to a higher grade so s/he can do it on their own. I hope you choose me to do it with. I’m available daytime hours. We can use zoom or Google classroom. Please send me your request with the subject and if possible email me a copy of the assignment before our session. Nicole